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Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Yumytech Sàrl is an IT services and consulting startup created in 2018 by Joël Lucas and Antoine Veyrat. Its first breakthrough solution launched on the Swiss market is Yumy, a food delivery platform dedicated to companies allowing people to order from several restaurants in a single order and promoting the possibility of eating together. This project has initially benefited from an innovation subsidy from the Swiss government (Innosuisse).

After having developed advanced skills in mobile development and artificial intelligence (machine learning), we now realise solutions for external customers and start marketing our products under a white label. Our expertise and diversity of our team pushes us to regularly respond to European (AAL, Eurostars) and Swiss (Innosuisse) R&D projects. Thanks to an excellent implantation in the local economic and political environment combined with agile development methods, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions at the cutting edge of research.


The power of stories – Share the past, CREATE the future

The power of stories "You are never too old to learn", a saying that often rolls off our tongues and quite rightly so. In order to age actively and healthy, it is essential to stay on your toes and to be eager to learn. But in our opinion, the reverse also applies:...

Yumytech presents its research results in California

Yumytech presents its research results in California We are very proud to announce that our research collaboration with the University of Geneva is bearing fruit. Our collaborator Kévin Guyard, was in California on September 19, at the IEEE "ai4i" conference in Los...

Kick-off meeting AAL-project CREATE

Kick-off meeting in Warsaw of our European AAL-project CREATE On 1 and 2 June, Yumytech was in the beautiful city of Warsaw to participate in the kick-off meeting of the European research project CREATE. This was an opportunity to meet the different partners of the...

Launch of Wisdom of Age platform (alpha)

Announcement of the launch of Wisdom of Age platform (alpha) Geneva, 27 December 2021 - Yumytech together with the consortium led by the Romanian company Digital Twin SRL announces the launch of the alpha version of the Wisdom of Age platform. Wisdom of Age is a...

The Wisdom of Age project

The project WisdomOfAge will develop a digital application that takes advantage of the experience and background of people over 50 years old, enabling them to share their knowledge and solve specific problems for industrial companies. This collaboration includes...



Make your idea come true: we digitalise your technological needs into user-friendly interfaces…



Technology is pushing forward, our commitment is to lead to the right direction…



Caring for your body by providing appropriate nutrients requires confidence in the food you eat…



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We believe that the quality of a team is based on both technical and interpersonal skills. Our understanding of the world allows us to put technology at the service of people, pushing forward in the right direction:

Joël Lucas

Joël Lucas

Founder, CEO

With several years of experience in IT (banking industry, founder of Webstanding), and as a communicator, Joël has a deep understanding of both technologies and their implication in our everyday life. He holds a master’s in Social Sciences and he is a Microsoft certified engineer. He has a passion for meeting new people and taking on new innovative challenges for the common good.

Antoine Veyrat

Antoine Veyrat

Founder, COO

After managing Gamtec, an IT company launching innovative products on the Swiss market, Antoine managed several restaurants of healthy food (Mango Deck franchise). He graduated from the Swiss Hotel Management School and the federal school of oenology (Station fédérale d’oenologie de Changins). Antoine followed trainings in dietetics at the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG).

Hélène De Ribaupierre

Hélène De Ribaupierre

Scientific advisor

With a PHD in Information Systems, Hélène dedicates her work to implement user-centric systems to deliver the precise information to the right person using AI. As a woman, she is aware of the issue of bias in AI. Therefore, her passion is to discover new ways to mitigate the bias in data sets.


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