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A new stage in AI-based matchmaking

Our partner and consortium leader in the WisdomOfAge project, Romanian digital solutions developer Digital Twin, launched the first commercial version of the platform in front of the press. This ingenious matchmaking solution uses artificial intelligence to connect experienced senior professionals with small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. The project is being carried out in partnership with the Technical University of Cluj Napoca and organisations in Belgium and Switzerland, including Yumytech.

The idea for the project arose from discussions with a number of senior citizens, close to retirement, with a wealth of experience in various fields, who wanted to share the expertise they had acquired throughout their lives. With the launch of WisdomOfAge, the European partners are introducing a disruptive solution that uses AI algorithms developed to unlock the full potential of mentoring, providing users with personalised advice, access to industry experts and unrivalled growth opportunities.

The WisdomOfAge project is being implemented by a strong consortium of six partners. This consortium won a project competition and was awarded co-funding from the European Union under the AAL programme. The total budget for the 30-month project was €2,308,574, of which €955,771 was funded by the partners and €1,352,803 by the EU and national budgets.

The team is led by Digital Twin, and Swiss SMEs arxIT and Yumytech played a key role in implementing the advanced AI algorithms, while the Technical University of Cluj Napoca provided invaluable research insights and contributed to dissemination efforts. The Research Institute on Ageing, which focuses on application-oriented research and development around ageing and ageing-related issues, and Happy Aging, a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, played an important role in co-creation workshops, requirements gathering, end-user engagement, testing and validation, and dissemination.

Mentoring is a powerful catalyst for personal and professional development. WisdomOfAge is designed to facilitate meaningful connections between mentors and mentees, unlocking transformative opportunities for individuals and businesses.

Thanks to WisdomOfAge, companies have access to expert knowledge and personalised advice that enables them to overcome obstacles, develop essential skills, increase their revenues and exploit new business opportunities.

For mentors – experienced professionals – the platform enables them to stay in touch with current industry trends and make a lasting impact on the next generation. What’s more, they can also increase their income through the advice they provide to businesses on the platform.

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